Title III Funding

Since 2003, the University has received several Title III grants that have helped fulfill its educational goals and commitments.  A list of Title III projects can be found below.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) (2003-2008)

The Title III program, Strengthening Institutions, enabled improvements for library access, which resulted in more than 15% increased usage for the overall population. Colleague, the University’s new ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system, allows students and advisors continuous access to all class scheduling and student records. It gives the students the ability to explore options and plan their future based on their current academic status, and university programs and services ($2,191.804).

Renovation Grants of the Henry Hall Science Laboratories Renovations, Phases II -V (2005-2010)
  • Phase II included an introductory and an advanced wet laboratory, as well as chemical and biological storage areas ($750,000).
  • Phase III included a student/faculty research space, a forensic sciences laboratory, and a utility distribution area ($750,000).
  • Phase IV included an introductory chemistry laboratory, an organic and analytical chemistry laboratory, and project instrumentation space and storage area ($750,000).
  • Phase V included an instructional laboratory for physics and forensic sciences, student and faculty research space, and advanced instrumentation for these laboratories ($4,500,000).
Nursing Program (2008-2013)

With the help of Title III, Chaminade University initiated a much-needed Bachelor of Science in the Nursing degree program. Building upon our nationally recognized forensic sciences program, Chaminade has developed a program that enrolls 280 nursing degree candidates. The program focuses on competency, genomic-genetic medicine, and advanced simulation techniques to provide the broadest possible range of experiences to students ($3,200,000).

Renovation Grants EIBEN I and II (2009-2011)

The renovation grants concerned Eiben Hall, an 80-year-old building that houses the Fine Arts, Interior Design, and the Communication and Marketing programs. The building is also the emergency campus assembly and command area in the case of a hurricane. The grants provided funding for the following areas:

  • Renovations included improvements of Eiben Hall’s infrastructure, particularly the roof, windows and air conditioning.
  • Also included with this grant was the preparation of facilities that house the teaching, production, and support facilities for the Communication and Interior Design programs.
  • Information technology capabilities were upgraded to support student and faculty coursework and production work in the academic Communication program, Interior Design program, as well as provide support for emergency communications ($4,000,000).
Client Services (2010-2015)

To improve and ensure security and continuity of student technology assistance and access.  Chaminade University is providing technical assistance to students on a regular basis and secured wireless coverage to all campus buildings and additional areas that are commonly used by students, such as the garden area outside of the Sullivan Family Library. This project also seeks to ensure that catastrophic failure or destruction of the servers in the University’s data center will not cause long lasting (or even permanent) disruption of essential services to students. Also, as part of our Campus Master Plan, four new residence halls are to be built on our upper campus. The Title III grant will allow us to provide a data path to these new buildings ($3,700,000)

Student Services (2012-2014)

This two-year individual development grant focuses on student services contributions to improving the academic quality and fiscal stability of Chaminade University. The grant is separated into two activities.  Activity I involves the expansion of the Office of Health Profession Advising, where the focus is on finding opportunities for undergraduate students interested in careers in the health professions and the expansion of tutoring services for nursing students.  Activity II involves the renovations of the 35-year old student services facilities on campus, which includes the residence halls and dining facilities ($4,000,000).

Increasing Academic Capacity (2014-2019)

This five-year grant allows improvements in the technology available to faculty and students and renovations to accommodate developments to University university programs. Technology improvements include the introduction of a new learning platform for both online and classroom instruction, updating the classroom technology in nearly all the general purpose classrooms, enhance network capacity and wireless coverage and facilitate a faculty mobile teaching initiative. The renovations include accommodations for the expanded academic services in the Office of the Provost, additional faculty office space, a student support services unit, a science lab, the ceramics lab, and several classrooms ($10,000,000).

Development & Advising (2015-2020)

This five-year grant restructures and focuses the areas of academic advising, student services and faculty development to significantly increase the retention rate, the graduation rate and the career preparation of Chaminade students. Our goal is to increase fall to fall retention rate to 75% and the six year graduation rate to 50%. The combined academic advising and student services will adopt an “intrusive advising” model that follows individual student progress and the Health Care Advising program is expanded. The new Associate Provost for Faculty Development, Assessment and Research will create a Center for Teaching and Learning to introduce faculty to alternate classroom and virtual teaching strategies ($4,000,000).